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The plaque mounting process begins by laminating an antireflective UV protective film on the image and a sheet of mounting tissue on the back. This assembly is permanently bonded to a precut fiberboard using heat and pressure. The sides are sanded, beveled and finished with a thermally applied foil that is available in several different colors. A groove is cut on the back of the fiberboard for hanging purposes. More information is available in this video that describes and compares this product to traditional forms of framing.

Plaque Mounting and Laminating Process

Uniqueness of the Product

Manufacturing Facility

The manufacturing process is performed in a 3600 square feet two story industrial building. The second story covers 2400 square feet for a total available floor space of 6000 square feet.

Front of the Manufacturing Building Rear of the Manufacturing Building

The office space located in the front of the building is used for the image preparation, the laminating and the mounting on the fibreboard. In other words, it houses all the dust sensitive laminating equipment.

The Press Image Preparation

Laminating the Film on the Images

The rear of the building is used for the wood preparation (i.e. cutting, sanding, cleaning), the finishing of the plaques (i.e. making the grove and the beveled edges), packaging and shipping. The second story (notice the stairs) stores corrugated boxes, Styrofoam and other packaging materials, posters, prints and newspapers.

Finishing Equipment

Packaging Wood Cutting

What is the secret to a high quality product in this business? A very clean environment...

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